Castle Howard- 1st June 2011

Today was our study trip to Castle Howard. It annoyingly chucked it down with rain the entire time, however I got some good photo opportunities. I had to do a presentation on the south parterre which was very difficult to do since it was raining and everyone was exhausted from walking all around the grounds all day! The Atlas Fountain was switched off unfortunately, however highlight of the day was being able to go inside the Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum was so unstable we had to wear crash helmets and were forbidden from leaning on the baustrades as they may collapse! Exciting stuff! We even got a further treat (remembering the Mausoleum isn’t open to the general public!) by being allowed in the catacombs- no photography was allowed in there however I could describe it as a half empty mortuary, for several spaces were filled with the Howard ancestors since the 1700s and the rest were left empty awaiting the future generations- so it could be said that the Mausoleum is a dynastic building for both the past, present and the future!

Above image: My classmates in their crash helmets approaching the Temple of the Four Winds en route to the Mausoleum. 

Image below: My tutors frustratingly trying to unlock the gates (took them awhile!)