Bones, Baguettes and a lot of Architecture!

Just arrived back from a “Royal Spaces in Medieval Europe” study trip to Paris! I had a lovely time (I tried escargot and it was a better experience than I had originally thought it would be!) and here are some photographs from the trip to celebrate my last term of my undergraduate degree:

  • Day 1: Baguette, Cheese and Wine on the viaduct (trying to be french!)
  • Day 2: Sainte-Chapelle and the Notre-Dame
  • Day 3: Cluny Museum and Saint-Denis Basilica
  • Day 4: Pere-Lachaise Cemetary

(above the Sainte-Chapelle, private chapel of King Louis IX of France to store his Passion relics- amazingly beautiful, makes you feel like a bug in a jar made out of stained-glass!)

(above, St-Denis holding his head on the facade of Notre Dame!)

(above, the interior of the Notre Dame during a two-hour mass for the veneration of the Passion relics)

(above, the original jamb statues from the Notre-Dame, now in the Cluny Museum)

(above, Saint-Denis Basilica, the royal necropolis!)

(above and below, the world-famous Pere-Lachaise Cemetary)