Exploring Roman York- the final App, Podcast and Leaflet

I have just completed my exciting internship with eleven other University of York interns for the IPUP (Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past) and the Yorkshire Museum (York Museums Trust).

The product of this internship was a free app, podcast and leaflet that will take you on a guided trail of Eboracum which compliments the current exhibition in the Yorkshire Museum (“Roman York”) and here they are!

The trail covers six aspects of Roman York through key stop points:

  1. Constantine’s Statue next to the Minster – Military life and religion in the ranks.
  2. The Roman Bath Pub, St. Sampson’s Square – Civilian life in Eboracum.
  3. The River Ouse – Production and consumption.
  4. Fossbridge – Trade and exchange.
  5. Micklegate Bar- Slavery
  6. The Museum Gardens – Death and burial.

These are the result of months of hard work, research and collaboration (see my previous blog post about the first public pilot of the trail) with staff from IPUP (Adam Gutteridge and Helen Weinstein), YMT and local experts in the field (John Oxley, York City Archaeologist).

Roman York was a new topic for me to cover and it was interesting to discover that York’s heritage isn’t all just about the Vikings! Hopefully the public will enjoy the Roman York trail as much as myself and the other interns enjoyed creating it!


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