Starting my MSc!

Its currently freshers week at the University of York. I’m back in the accommodation I was in three years ago at Goodricke College for my own freshers, except I am now a Post-Grad and have upgraded my room to a studio flat! Yay!

Photo of Goodricke College by University of York.

Three years ago Goodricke College was alone on this side of campus, its surroundings was a building site. The infamous “yellow brick road” is now out in the open surrounded by lakes.  Now the new buildings of the Law and Management, Computer Science departments, and also new Languith College circle Goodricke.

The dreaded fire alarms that drag you out of the comfort of your bed at 2am are still here though, and i’m still looking out for the Goodricke cat that likes to tailgate it’s way into peoples rooms for love and left over takeaways 🙂

So much nostalgia but so much has changed, however there’s so much to look forward to in the next few weeks

Misty morning at Goodricke, view from my studio flat this morning.