The Archives in Alien: Isolation

2014-11-24_00009I’m really enjoying exploring Sevastopol station in Alien: Isolation, or rather getting brief chances when the alien is out of sight…

Stumbling across the station’s archives was a treat as now working within archives myself it was interesting to see archives from a sci-fi perspective complete with digital mobile shelving in a circular room.

An interesting Sevastolink message (the internal communications system of Sevastopol) below details archiving the born-digital text and audio records of the mail system. The message talks about how the space station has employed a specialist archivist to deal with the task of transferring these under such pressures, from information leaks due to insufficient hardware and the more deadlier threat of the extra-terrestrial. As we progress through the game we see a lot of error messages within the Sevastolink system where Mike the Archivist has either archived the messages or came across computer bugs. Quite a stressful task considering the situation!


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