Architecture in Gaming Worlds

It was computer games that spurred my interest in architectural history, ever since I was very young I loved exploring game environments, particularly built locations such as towns, castles, temples, cathedrals etc. I believe that architecture in gaming can be worthy of scholarly debate in relation to cultural heritage and hope to explore this through my blog.

Below are links to posts from my blog (oldest first) on architecture in gaming worlds:


1) Visualisation of Ecclesiastical Architecture- Appropriate in Gaming?



wallpaper022-1920x12002) Tristram Cathedral- the Virtual Antithesis of Sacred Space – from Diablo series



3) Divinity’s Reach- Epitome of Power– from Guild Wars series




4) The Historical Architecture of Far Cry 3                                       



2013-03-06_000045) Reality and Myth: the architecture of the Lost Kingdom of Yamatai – from Tomb Raider



Columbia6) BioShock Infinite’s Columbia: the ‘Ideal’ City




6 thoughts on “Architecture in Gaming Worlds

  1. These articles were amazing. Architectural feat was indeed one of culture’s incarnation, born from human’s own hand, using technologies and other knowledge that human had accumulated from the beginning of their civilization process.
    I expect more articles to enjoy~!

  2. greetings, i would like to ask you, if you believe that MMORPGs are using architectural principles in order to form “urban design” for socializing.
    i dunno if i spelled it correctly :p

    i have spend lots of hours in MMOs, but also i try to finish my studies in architecture and i see lots of opportunities or mistakes which are waiting for an architectural design so these online areas will gain qualities of interest and functionality.

    1. Hello!
      My focus as an architectural historian is mainly on how the architecture in gaming worlds compare to the in-game society, and how it compares to our world regarding associated ideals. An example would be in WoW how the more gothic-inspired architecture has been used for the Undead and what this represents about the race, compared to the classical buildings of the Night and Blood elves and what they stand for.

      In terms of socialising as part of an MMO I think in-game buildings are designed with this in mind, perhaps the designers of the main city areas in Guild Wars 2 took a town planning approach like in the real world that may change the way people interact with the game environment down to architectural styles and size… Definitely an interesting element to think about further!

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