Outreach Workshops using Minecraft

minecrafthhc Hannah Rice

Bring Your Own Device at the Hull History Centre
As part of my role as Archives Trainee at the Hull History Centre, I ran workshops for young people to engage with our project HullCraft. I had over 60 people across two workshops and got a chance to talk to parents as well as young players about history and Minecraft. In August 2015, for two “Bring Your Own Device” Minecraft events (14th and 21st August 2015) I planned, digitised, researched and created content for participants to use as engagement resources. These workshops were a branch from the Hull History Centre’s existing archives engagement project called HullCraft which I have been a team member since October 2014.
You can read my blog post on the events on the Hull History Centre blog.

I selected the following buildings for participants to recreate in Minecraft to demonstrate that Hull’s past and present features a range of architectural styles:

  • Dock Offices (Hull Maritime Museum)
  • Lord Line Building at St Andrew’s Quay
  • Wilberforce House
  • Hull’s medieval fortifications- the gatehouses
  • King Henry VIII’s castle on the East bank of the River Hull
  • Hull City Hall
  • Maister House
  • St Stephen’s Church

For the Hull History Centre’s second BYOD session on 21st August 2015 I recorded the entirety of the in-game participation and put together this video to showcase some of the brilliant work created during the sessions: