Bridlington Cemetery Chapel

Growing up I had always wondered what this building was in Bridlington cemetery. This was one of the buildings that had inspired me to do my BA in History of Art and Architecture, as I loved Gothic architecture both medieval and revival.

After some research, this beautiful building was the cemetery chapel built in the Gothic Revival style in c.1879 by the architect Alfred Smith of Nottingham and is a Grade II listed building under English Heritage. (Link)

It is a shame that this building is no longer used, but it stands as a beautiful testament to the cemetery’s heritage as a victorian, war and modern cemetery.


Bones, Baguettes and a lot of Architecture!

Just arrived back from a “Royal Spaces in Medieval Europe” study trip to Paris! I had a lovely time (I tried escargot and it was a better experience than I had originally thought it would be!) and here are some photographs from the trip to celebrate my last term of my undergraduate degree:

  • Day 1: Baguette, Cheese and Wine on the viaduct (trying to be french!)
  • Day 2: Sainte-Chapelle and the Notre-Dame
  • Day 3: Cluny Museum and Saint-Denis Basilica
  • Day 4: Pere-Lachaise Cemetary

(above the Sainte-Chapelle, private chapel of King Louis IX of France to store his Passion relics- amazingly beautiful, makes you feel like a bug in a jar made out of stained-glass!)

(above, St-Denis holding his head on the facade of Notre Dame!)

(above, the interior of the Notre Dame during a two-hour mass for the veneration of the Passion relics)

(above, the original jamb statues from the Notre-Dame, now in the Cluny Museum)

(above, Saint-Denis Basilica, the royal necropolis!)

(above and below, the world-famous Pere-Lachaise Cemetary)