“Walking with the Romans: Daily Life in Eboracum” Mobile History Trail

“Walking with the Romans” is a mobile phone app available through the History of York website.
This project was a collaboration between intern researchers (myself included), Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past (IPUP), theYorkshire Museum (York Museums Trust) and York City Archaeologist John Oxley.
To quote IPUP: “York was founded by the Romans, and for over three centuries their city of Eboracum was a thriving, noisy, busy, settlement, where people from Europe and Africa lived and worked together. Many of York’s Roman stories are well-known: the emperors who lived and died here and the legacies they created. But what was life like for the regular inhabitants of York eighteen centuries ago? How did people go about their daily lives? Where were they from? What did they eat? At what did they work? How were they buried?”

The product of this internship was a free app, podcast and leaflet that will take you on a guided trail of Eboracum which compliments the current exhibition in the Yorkshire Museum (“Roman York”) and here they are!

The trail covers six aspects of Roman York through key stop points:

  • Constantine’s Statue next to the Minster – Military life and religion in the ranks.
  • The Roman Bath Pub, St. Sampson’s Square – Civilian life in Eboracum.
  • The River Ouse – Production and consumption.
  • Foss Bridge – Trade and exchange.
  • Micklegate Bar- Slavery
  • The Museum Gardens – Death and burial.

ipup roman history trail york, Hannah Rice